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I have been working with Hussnain Imran at Start Backlinks for about 4 months. My website ranking continues to improve. Most importantly we are getting leads. I believe we’re ahead of plan. In the world of SEO there are a lot of companies that lack experience and promise the world. By definition SEO is a tough term to define from company to company. I have owned a digital company in the past so I’m a little ahead of the curve in regards to SEO knowledge and expectations. Hussnain Imran has had opportunities to up-sell me, but instead offered alternative advice that didn’t make him money. Don’t see that often. They are a solid company



Start Backlinks did an outstanding job with my SEO requirements. I saw a 75% jump in traffic due to what Hussnain Imran and his team did for us. Hussnain Imran is easy to work with and takes time to explain the ins-and-outs of what needs to be done. I will be using Start Backlinks for all of my Website projects in the future.



Been looking for a company exactly like Start Backlinks for a while. Perfect for link building and so so helpful and responsive. Would be buying them a beer if they were in the UK.



Hussnain Imran and the entire Start Backlinks team have been a pleasure to work with. We are going on 9 months with them and we have been extremely pleased with the success and attention to detail with our campaign. SEO gurus!


Hussnain Imran and Start Backlinks did a thorough site audit of our website-in-development in order to increase our organic SEO. This was not an automated quickie audit. He added many lists showing specific pages on our site which require changes. In addition he conducted an extensive telephone call with me to explain their findings. All for a very reasonable fee. I plan on Start Backlinks for our SEO.



I worked with Hussnain Imran on a single project but all I can say is that he is extremely professional and a great marketer whose services have been recommended by many in internet marketing groups especially when it comes to link building and content marketing.

Highly recommend his services for businesses that aim to improve their ROI and branding via SEO.



Really great experience with Start Backlinks so far and wrapped up a 2hr call to go over a thorough and detailed technical seo audit with actionable steps to fix issues. Working with a smaller firm has big advantages including being able to work with the founder Hussnain Imran who really knows this stuff. Looking forward to seeing where we end up in the months ahead with “Start Backlinks” guidance along the way 🙂



I have had the pleasure of having Hussnain Imran assist me with my online presence. He has the patience of a saint and understands that not everyone is at his level of knowledge when it comes to the internet. He takes everything step by step and explains it so You can understand it



Start Backlinks took my ideas and content and did a great job in creating a website for our program. Their technical and creative suggestions helped relay complex program information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-access format. My questions and inquiries were answered promptly. Start Backlinks even helped me promote the website beyond the local level.



Start Backlinks has far exceeded my expectations. I have been blown away by the service and quality of the work they provide. I am excited about what we will accomplish working together to grow my business moving forward!



Start Backlinks has been such a big help with creating my website, they created the site very fast and efficiently, but more than the help with the website design was the friendliness and customer service. Those are things that are over looked in this day and age, Start Backlinks has been there every step of the way to offer suggestions and try to help in any way that they can. Start Backlinks could always be reached by phone and they are willing to stop by the gym at any point and try to help. And the website itself looks amazing, very pleasing on the eyes, and it is set up in a way that grabs the user’s attention while still being easy to use and understand. Because of Start Backlinks’s hard work, and great customer service I would recommend them to anyone who has any website needs.



Sound and safe SEO advice! Hussnain Imran was immediately able to spot on-site issues that were preventing our site from ranking as it should. Within a few weeks, we bounced from the seventh page back to page two. The support is fantastic, quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable. He helped cut through all the myths and grounded us as far as the panic with all things Google algorithm, penalties, etc.



Start Backlinks was able to talk me through the process, assist me in understanding the basic details of how running an effective PPC campaign works, what we might expect, and why it would be a benefit adding this to our existing sales process. There will be some modifications required to receive these new leads which they will handle while we are able to remain focused on our business.

Thank You to the entire team at Start Backlinks!



Hussnain Imran and the team at Start Backlinks have truly lived up to their name over the last year of working together. As an enterprise brand, they’ve taken great care to not only meet our specific needs but exceed them. We’ve seen some great results already and with the quality of service we’ve received, I know there are more to come. Hussain Imran has a level of expertise and professionalism that confirms you are in good hands.


Was hit by a G algo update.. I reached out to so many individuals including Hussnain Imran @ Start Backlinks looking for help. He actually paid close attention to my issues and I hadn’t even hired him for any work as of yet. NOBODY does this. Everyone wants $1500 just to talk to you. Such a shady industry… Hussnain Imran is trust-worthy help! HIRE HIM A++++



Courteous and frank. Could have roped us in to something we couldn’t afford and wouldn’t have helped. Instead, gave us good pointers and told us that his services wouldn’t be worth our expenses. Very helpful and frank.



We are currently using their services and we couldn’t be happier. They are delivering on what they promised and are head of the game. The team responds back timely and is extremely knowledgeable, without hesitation to give insight and advice. We are 3 months in and our website traffic is increasing, we credit Start Backlinks for that.



From day one the team at Start Backlinks worked with us on every aspect of our website to improve our search results. It took some time but well worth it. Thanks Hussnain Imran and everyone at Start Backlinks.



Hussnain Imran is fantastic to work with! He’s patient, explains complex technology very clearly, and is good at what he does. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him to my clients and friends.



My man Hussnain Imran at Start Backlinks SEO is a word smith! Turning words into money like Eminem. The impact his work has had on my business is measurable in the thousands of dollars.
Thanks Hussnain Imran.



Great service. fast and very responsive. Got back to me with all my inquires. Plan to work with them in the future.



Start Backlinks was able to make the perfect website for Brad Mills Orthodontics! They were so patient with me and worked with me even when I was limited on time.



Start Backlinks does an excellent job, end of story. They are prompt, responsive, and adaptive to my company’s needs. They are understanding, yet firm, in making sure that you understand the importance of their work, and how your decisions affect your overall success. When they allow 6 stars, I will be returning to add another one.


I used Start Backlinks to revamp my real estate website after finding them during a Google search for SEO companies. I selected them after interviewing several companies because I liked that they were a smaller company and their plans and follow-up were solid. Even though I’m located in TX and they in TN, I found their team very easy to work with. We scheduled regular calls and distance was not a factor in working with this team. I found them to be very professional, flexible, responsive and willing to make any modifications I required. I would recommend Start Backlinks to anyone looking for their type of services; you will not be disappointed!



Hussnain Imran and his team have done an excellent job with our website. Hussnain Imran was very patient and was quick to hand out compliments when I followed up with him immediately or figured something out on my own. He responds to all manners of correspondence in a quick and professional manner, even notifying us when they would be closed for holidays or sending someone right over when we needed something. Not many companies give you that personal level of care, attention and follow through.